Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center REGISTERED RESPIRATORY THERAPIST in Ogdensburg, New York

Performs all facets of Respiratory Care, including oxygen and aerosol therapy, ABG's sampling, ventilation, airway maintenance, oxygen and stock rounds, pulmonary function testing, oximetry studies, cleaning & disinfecting of equipment, all clerical work associated with preceding and other duties as assigned. Provide education to both out patients as well as family members. Give detailed instructions for patients as they are discharged in regards to respiratory care.

Special Abilities: Must have advanced knowledge of cardiopulmonary physiology of all ranges of patients and the ability to assess and treat across the age range of patients served.

Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent required. NYS Licensed Respiratory Therapist, NBRC Credentialed Respiratory Therapy Technician or Registered Respiratory Therapist required.

Requirements: Bending, lifting, standing, walking